Xylem supports local authorities for swift pump out of rainwater in the UAE, following heavy flooding
Seven advanced water pumps mobilized in Dubai with a dedicated team working round-the-clock for four consecutive days
Electric Water Heater Market size Overview On Demandsizeg Applications 2028
Electric water heaters have often exceeded the energy consumption in domestic activities such as lighting, refrigeration, and cooking
Xylem expands regional headquarters in Singapore with new Technology Hub
Multi-disciplinary center opens with new collaborations with A*STAR and PUB
Creating a Sustainable Future for Desalination
Reverse osmosis (RO) has gained prominence as a means to meet the region’s power and water needs with the added advantage of being both less energy intensive and costly. Yet just as with energy, diversification of technologies will play an important role in the sustainable transition of the water industry
UAE boosts water capacity
High demand for water continues to put pressure on the existing supply capacity as the population increases along with the growing industrialisation levels, prompting government utilities to step up their investments in new water desalination capacities

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