UAE's Utico agrees to extend Hyflux restructuring deadline
Utico improves RA offer & keeps recovery to senior creditors intact, P&P to benefit further, Oman, Algeria shareholders to get relief
Utico sounds banks for a $500mn Sukuk
Money will be utilised for corporate purposes and restructuring
Utico to defer all bills for its UAE customers who lost jobs due to Covid-19
Utico has also offered 30 per cent deferment of invoices for some of its COVID-19 affected hospitality consumers who are at standard tariffs
Utico bags UAE excellence award
Utico commits Dh4bn investments in UAE for water projects without government guarantees
Utico announces one million LTI-free man-hours
The achievement is particularly noteworthy since it meant prudent and critical monitoring and review of all work premises of the company spread across multiple locations to ensure effective execution of its Safety Policy, a statement from Utico said
Utico announces 48% rebate in water tariffs to farmers on 48th UAE National Day
Initiative in partnership with Environment Protection and Development Authority (EPDA), Ras Al Khaimah

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