Toray Innovates Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes
By applying pressure higher than osmotic pressure of feed water, RO membranes can exclude sodium, calcium, and other metal ions, chloride, sulfate, and other anions, and such low-molecular organic compounds as agrochemicals
Toray Starts Manufacturing Resin Compounds in India
This first Indian plastic compounding unit of a Japanese manufacturer should reach its full operating capacity of around 5,000 metric tons in the near future
Toray Creates World’s Highest-level Nanofiltration Membrane
New offering triples permeation while very selectively removing components from raw water
Toray Selected for Inclusion in Representative ESG Investment Indices
The Toray Group has positioned the promotion of CSR as one of its top management priorities
Toray to Establish New Battery Separator Film (BSF) Production Facility in Hungary
The Toray Group already has BSF production facilities at the Nasu Plant in Japan and in the Republic of Korea, where Toray Battery Separator Film Korea Limited (TBSK) engages in development, production and sale of BSF
Toray to Highlight Next-Generation Composite Technologies at Paris Air Show
Toray’s T1100 has established a new class of carbon fiber (Intermediate Modulus +) by offering significant improvements in both tensile and modulus strengths vs traditional intermediate modulus fibers

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