UAE factories to benefit from reduced electricity tariffs
Large-scale factories will have their electricity consumption charges reduced by 29 percent
UAE agrees to reduce electric power consumption fees for industries
The reduced tariff for electricity consumption on the industrial sector, approved by the UAE cabinet, will come into effect in the last quarter of this year
Oman plans new power tariff for large consumers
State-owned Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) said that it is working along with Authority for Electricity Regulation and other agencies to introduce a fully cost-reflective tariff for large industrial consumers of electricity
New Saudi water tariff to be acceptable to all
The new water tariff will be approved by the Council of Ministers before it is formally issued
Saudi utilities minister sacked over new tariffs
King Salman issued a decree on Saturday ordering the dismissal of water and electricity minister Abdullah al-Hussayen, and replacement in the interim by Agriculture Minister Abdel Rahman al-Fadli
Saudi says its new water tariff is the lowest
Saudi Arabia’s ministry of water and electricity has stressed that the new water tariff in the Kingdom is among the lowest in the world

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