How decentralized solar solutions are powering global green economy transition
Access to and the productive use of solar energy are a great enabler for many communities especially in rural, off-grid areas where there is no feasible alternative to solar, across the globe
Youth and innovation: Leading change in communities
By Tatiana Antonelli Abella Founder and Managing Director, Goumbook in the UAE
Empower will be the Global Sponsor for the 6th World Green Economy Summit 2019
WGES and WETEX are key platforms to promote innovative products, services and technologies in the energy sector, and to meet with decision makers, investors, buyers, and those interested, from around the world
World Green Economy Summit (WGES) to be held on October 20th to 21st under the theme ‘Innovative Technologies for a Sustainable Economy’
The sixth edition of the summit focuses on several pillars including sustainable development, international cooperation towards a green economy system and adoption of green innovative solution

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