water consumption

GCC steps up efforts to conserve water
As a water crisis looms large in the GCC, the UAE has launched the world’s largest underground reserve for desalinated water. Could groundwater recharging unlock new possibilities for water security in the region?
Final word: Power to the people
Tech utilities have the ability to create a happy population, says Alaa Elshimy, managing director & vice president, Huawei Enterprise Business, Middle East
Metito reinforces access to clean drinking water
Company highlights how small efforts in extending water reach can make a big difference and change lives for the better
Saudi councillors urge study on water consumption
The Shura council in Saudi Arabia has called for a robust study into water consumption in the kingdom amid persistent claims that water bills are too high
ME hotels could save 2bn litres of water yearly
Encore, the manufacturers of one of the world’s most eco-friendly toilet cisterns, said hotels in the Middle East region could save 3.86 million litres annually by installing one of its key systems
KSA accounts for 18% of world's desalinated water
Saudi Arabia produces 18% of the world's desalinated water, according to the annual report issued by the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), which runs the country's 28 desalination plants on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf coasts

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