Expanded Wastewater Treatment Plant Provides Potable Water to Riyadh
Detailed Analysis of City’s Sewage Processing System Found It Flawed and in Need of Repair
Xylem’s new ‘Decision Intelligence’ paper presents six comprehensive strategies to transform the economics of utility water management
New Xylem publication discusses how decision intelligence enables utilities to secure a sustainable, resilient and affordable water future
62% of water in Sharjah used by the residential sector
2018 water production in the emirate reaches over 37 billion gallons
Nominations Open For The Middle East Energy Awards: Clean Energy Initiative of the Year
This year, the awards are bigger than ever with a rebrand to the Middle East Energy Awards, which for the first time includes renewable and alternative energy, through the Utilities Middle East magazine
Strengthening Water Sector Efficiency Through Secure Smart Technology
Technology is a game changer in addressing water scarcity; however, it is equally important to integrate the highest standards of security to ensure that the advantages of smart meters and other advanced tech infrastructure can be best leveraged, says Ian Sykes, Regional Sales Director, Sensus
Gaist’s mapping solution could boost efficiency for utilities market by 10% at 0.01% of project cost
Gaist is debuting its unique infrastructure digital twin to the utilities market at Utility Week Live

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