Toray’s high-surface-area ultrafiltration membrane modules selected at large-scale water treatment facilities
Keeping capital and operating expenses low by not drastically modifying existing configurations and increasing throughput is a goal of water treatment technologies today.
Nine major water desalination plants enhance Abu Dhabi's water security
Abu Dhabi Department of Energy develops policies and regulations to support the water sector and provides capabilities to improve plant performance and ensure secure & sustainable supplies
GoSun releases world’s first portable solar-powered water purifier and sanitation system
The latest innovation sanitizes water using the power of the sun and can function as a portable handwashing station, warm shower, source of clean drinking water, and much more
UAE boosts water capacity
High demand for water continues to put pressure on the existing supply capacity as the population increases along with the growing industrialisation levels, prompting government utilities to step up their investments in new water desalination capacities
UAE makes strides towards its Water Security Strategy 2036
The highest demand for water is driven by agriculture and irrigation - which account for 70% of water consumption - in addition to the climate, government commitment to large green spaces, residential buildings, commercial and industrial uses
Water and Electricity Companies in Abu Dhabi Launch Emirati Graduate Training Program
The 18-month program will immerse 100 talented young men and women at ADDC, AADC, TRANSCO and AMPC

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