smart grids

Transforming utilities with digital power
Many regional utilities are embracing the digital revolution as massive opportunities await those able to transform themselves ahead of the curve. As the transformation builds momentum, it should open deeper prospects for smart solutions providers
Final word: Power to the people
Tech utilities have the ability to create a happy population, says Alaa Elshimy, managing director & vice president, Huawei Enterprise Business, Middle East
Driving digitalisation in GCC Utilities
Can innovations already used in many other industries, such as decentralised production, real-time analytics pulled from big data, sensor networks, and mobile computing, change the contours and competitive balance of utilities?
A stronger, smarter and greener grid
The disruption caused by multiple and unpredictable sources of renewable energy generation and the decentralisation of the energy infrastructure is presenting opportunities to utilities and system operators such as ABB. Writes Baset Asaba
Smart grids good for Oman’s economy, says report
The developing industrial sector and growing population in Oman is increasing the demand for greater utility output capacity
INTERVIEW: Jeff Ray, CEO, Ventyx
Jeff Ray, CEO, Ventyx, an ABB company, on managing grid complexity.

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