Rosatom signs deal to supply nuclear fuel components to Egypt
In 2014, Egypt and Russia announced their cooperation in the nuclear power field
Rosatom’s floating nuclear plant produces power at remote port
Rosatom says the floating nuclear power plant is suited to remote areas and “island states” which need stable and in its own words, “green,” sources of energy
Rosatom undertakes to skill personnel for Egypt’s nuclear power plant
Russia is also currently offering scholarships to Egyptian students wishing to enroll for masters programs in nuclear at leading Russian universities
Russia’s Rosatom to build nuclear science centre in Rwanda
The centre would carry out scientific research and ‘practical application’ of nuclear technologies, allowing production of radioisotopes for wider use in agriculture and other areas
ENEC, Rosatom renew cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy
The MoU establishes a general framework for possible cooperation between parties in numerous spheres, including the creation of a nuclear science centre in the UAE, plant development and investment, nuclear fuel cycle management, training of UAE nationals, amongst others
Russia’s Rosatom eyes nuclear projects in East Africa
A new deal lays the foundation for specific cooperation between Russia and Uganda in the field of nuclear energy

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