Investments in renewables Monitoring and Control systems on the rise
Monitoring and control systems have a significant effect on optimizing the overall levelized cost of energy over the operational life of these assets
African and South American nations are more than twice as environmentally conscious than most EU countries
Energy experts at Business Electricity Prices have analysed recent global data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and found that Iceland, Paraguay, Albania and The Democratic Republic of Congo lead the way with 100 percent of their respective national shares being regenerated by renewables
UNDP and IRENA Poised to Support Breakthroughs on Renewables
Solar, wind and hydropower offer affordable path towards clean energy for all - UNDP to help 100 countries strengthen their Nationally Determined Contributions
ASCO collaborates with Equinor on digital materials management solution
The co-developed digital solution, ‘iLMS Track and Trace’, will facilitate a move away from the traditional energy supply chain model adopting a modern retail model providing full end-to-end track and trace capabilities for operations, maintenance, production
Greenbyte opens Chicago office, targets us renewables with versatile energy cloud offering
Swedish developer of smart data software seeks to enhance regional presence as it opens up US market to more flexible digital asset management approaches

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