Toray Innovates Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes
By applying pressure higher than osmotic pressure of feed water, RO membranes can exclude sodium, calcium, and other metal ions, chloride, sulfate, and other anions, and such low-molecular organic compounds as agrochemicals
Dow releases annual Sustainability Report
Details progress toward 2025 Sustainability Goals; accelerates actions to combat ocean waste
Membrane distillation system tested in Qatar
Researchers at Qatar University College of Engineering, in collaboration with a team from petrochemical giant, ConocoPhillips' Global Water Sustainability Centre, have developed low- carbon desalination technology, membrane distillation
A collaboration between water treatment companies Water Planet and Applied Membranes has resulted in a project win with the Kuwait Oil Company
Toray expands with filtration membranes
In Qatar, Toray has won a lucrative deal to supply UF membranes to expand a facility in the capital city of Doha where sewer water is processed for reuse in irrigation
Toray develops new low fouling RO membranes
New technology imparts durability against chemical cleaning

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