International Atomic Energy Agency

UAE says it is committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy
The UAE is of the view that nuclear power as a clean source of energy is an important factor to meet growing energy demand and to achieve sustainable development goals
UAE University deepens cooperation with IAEA on nuclear technologies
According to the IAEA, the development and management of national nuclear power programmes require a systematic and continuous training for qualified nuclear professionals
UAE launches 'peaceful uses of nuclear energy' competition for students
Pupils aged between 14 and 18 will team up to submit proposals about the role of nuclear science in improving human health
IAEA delegation assesses Saudi Arabia’s nuclear infrastructure
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has completed a mission to Saudi Arabia to assess its development of the infrastructure required for a nuclear power programme as the Kingdom prepares to invite bids for the construction of its first nuclear power plant
'Work remains to be done' on UAE nuclear energy project, says IAEA
International Atomic Energy Agency makes a number of recommendations and suggestions after inspecting progress at the UAE's Barakah plant

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