Ian Sykes

How Sensus smart metering solutions are enabling water conservation
From too few meters in the network or degradation of meter accuracy to unauthorized use from illegal connections, utilities are facing a myriad of challenges when it comes to reducing non-revenue water (NRW) loss levels
Video: Sensus helps to build a smart water network
Ian Sykes, regional director, Sensus Middle East and Francois Frigaux, regional sales director, Middle East and North Africa, Sensus speak to Utilities Middle East on how Sensus is deploying smart water metering solutions that will enable utilities in the Middle East to do more with their infrastructure to improve quality of life in their communities
Navigating the Digital Journey to Prepare a Utility for Success
Technology exists today to answer many of the most critical water challenges we face, says Ian Sykes, Regional Director, Sensus
The Importance of Adopting a Holistic Approach to Water Management
Being able to pinpoint the exact location in the network where there is the potential for or an occurring leak is vital. Even in areas that report low leakage levels, vigilance and ongoing monitoring of the network is imperative if the reduction in leakage levels is to be maintained within economic parameters, says Ian Sykes, Regional Sales Director, Sensus
Strengthening Water Sector Efficiency Through Secure Smart Technology
Technology is a game changer in addressing water scarcity; however, it is equally important to integrate the highest standards of security to ensure that the advantages of smart meters and other advanced tech infrastructure can be best leveraged, says Ian Sykes, Regional Sales Director, Sensus

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