Countries reaffirm commitment to global nuclear security
Nuclear security involves preventing, detecting and responding to malicious acts with nuclear material, radioactive substances or their associated facilities
IAEA tours Barakah as UAE plans to 'switch on' first nuclear energy plant
The mission, which ended on 12 September 2019, focused on assessing emergency preparedness and response (EPR) arrangements in the country in light of recommendations made during an initial EPREV mission in 2015
Saudi Arabia to unlock region’s nuclear energy potential
The kingdom plans to start building its first two nuclear power reactors this year and as many as 16 over the next 25 years at a cost of more than US$80bn
UAE says it is committed to peaceful use of nuclear energy
The UAE is of the view that nuclear power as a clean source of energy is an important factor to meet growing energy demand and to achieve sustainable development goals
ENEC highlights importance of international cooperation at IAEA General Conference
IAEA experts have conducted 10 peer review missions to assess key components of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme, which shows unprecedented levels of collaboration globally and reflects ENEC`s commitment to safety and safeguards
UAE University deepens cooperation with IAEA on nuclear technologies
According to the IAEA, the development and management of national nuclear power programmes require a systematic and continuous training for qualified nuclear professionals

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