UAE's Utico announces deal on advisors fees for Hyflux
S$400mn restructuring moves closer to finalisation
UAE’s Utico signs restructuring agreement with Hyflux
Utico says that with the support of Hyflux’s board and management, "swift action" will be taken to bring all projects up to speed, as well as take on new projects
Hyflux to 'engage exclusively' with Utico from now until Aug 26
The deal would see Utico take an 88 per cent equity stake in Hyflux for S$300 million as equity and S$100 million as a shareholder loan.
Utico states concern for Hyflux assets’ value loss
Hyflux shareholders and directors not acting in time to contain value leakage
UAE's Utico sets August 26 deadline to sign deal with Hyflux
Hyflux first received an expression of intent to invest from Utico in late April after its deal with Indonesia's SM Investments (SMI) fell through
Hyflux says S$535m rescue deal is Utico's valuation; deal still on the table
Hyflux says that it is in continued talks with Utico and stakeholders and material developments will be announced on SGXNet as appropriate

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