Hanergy's founder blames economic slowdown for late worker salaries
Slowing economic growth has hit profits at Chinese companies and impacted their ability to raise debt, while trade frictions with the United States have also exacerbated pressures, government officials and analysts have said
Hanergy Glory to raise $25mn for solar car programme
The company claims its Thin Film Solar Vehicle can run without pole charging for at least a consecutive 30 days
Hanergy Inaugurates the World's First Automated HanTile Production Line
The Guiyang Mobile Energy Industrial Park is a key industrial project in Guiyang city. It started setup on March 2018 and covered a total area of approximately 220,000 square meters in the Guiyang Bonded Zone
Solar-powered Electric Vehicle undergoes functionality test
Hanergy’s thin-film solar vehicle will Keep you on the road, free of charge for 30 days
Hanergy Thin Film set to lose crucial hydropower project stakes
Hanergy Thin Film owner Li Hejun’s Hanergy Mobile Energy business in China says it will be among the bidders
Hanergy’s SHJ technology Sets New Record With 24.85% Conversion Rate
Following this recent development, not only has Hanergy refreshed its Chinese record (24.23%), but has also surpassed the original world record of 24.5% maintained by Japan Kaneka, becoming a new champion of 6-inch silicon SHJ battery

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