FANR pressing ahead with efforts to protect the community and environment
FANR has setup the Crisis Management COVID-19 Task Force to closely monitor the situation and implement the necessary actions
FANR will oversee commissioning of Unit 1 at Barakah NPP
FANR inspectors at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant will oversee the process to ensure it is completed according to regulatory requirements
UAE's nuclear regulator FANR issues operating licence for Abu Dhabi’s Barakah nuclear plant
The decision to issue the operating licence is a culmination of efforts made by FANR since it received an operating licence application from ENEC, on behalf of Nawah, in 2015
UAE expected to grant nuclear power plant operating license in Q1 of 2020
The $24.4 billion Barakah power plant is the world’s largest nuclear project under construction and will be the first in the Arab world
UAE's nuclear regulatory body reviews progress at Barakah nuclear plant
FANR Board Members toured the nuclear power plant to review its progress, followed by a meeting of Nawah Energy Company management where they discussed multiple topics
UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation seeks public feedback on radiation safety regulatory guide
The newly drafted regulatory guide provides guidance for disposing radioactive waste in near-surface radioactive waste facility

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