COVID-19 won’t delay Barakah nuclear plant, says ENEC
ENEC says that the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program has and will continue to power the future social and economic growth of the nation
UAE's nuclear regulator FANR issues operating licence for Abu Dhabi’s Barakah nuclear plant
The decision to issue the operating licence is a culmination of efforts made by FANR since it received an operating licence application from ENEC, on behalf of Nawah, in 2015
How Barakah nuclear plant promises a sustainable future
Nawah Energy Company, the entity responsible for the deployment, ownership and operation of nuclear energy plants in the UAE, has confirmed that Unit 1 of Barakah is ready to generate energy
UAE's nuclear plant is now ready to start operations
Nawah is concluding the final requirements to demonstrate operational readiness in preparation to receive the Operating License from FANR, prior to commencing the loading of the first fuel assemblies safely into Unit 1 of the Barakah plant
UAE’s Enec holds forum on business continuity management
Participants had the opportunity to facilitate dialogue on this critical topic, and share Enec`s experiences in implementing business continuity management systems within the context of the peaceful nuclear energy industry

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