electric vehicles

EV Growth Requires Investment Along The Li-Ion Supply Chain says IDTechEx Research
The continuing drop in battery prices will allow EVs to reach price parity with their ICE counterparts, which will a create huge demand for EVs
Global Electric Car Count Climbs from 5.6 to 7.9 Million
Number of new registrations rises, growth rate slows
Solid State Batteries at the IDTechEx Show
Improving range requires batteries with higher energy density but Li-ion batteries using graphite anodes, metal oxide cathodes and liquid electrolytes are starting to reach the limits of their performance capabilities
New Electric Vehicle Powertrain Will Grab $302bn Business
48V full hybrids promise to beat traditional hybrid electric vehicles on price by a big margin and its going to grab around 10% of the total car market
Electric Car Tipping Point Will Delight and Destroy
Many barriers are falling. Vast numbers of public chargers will no longer beessential as electric ranges increase
Big Changes projected for electric vehicle energy storage
A large value market for giant batteries around 0.5 to 5MWh is coming from planned electric airliners, huge mining trucks and loaders, inland pure electric ships and more.

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