electric vehicle

Helping to build an EV-ready energy market
There is no magic bullet for adopting an energy network for electric vehicles, says Mark Bygraves, chief executive, Elexon
E-sayyara to accelerate e-car drivers in Dubai
The new campaign is to encourage residents of Dubai to join the Drive Clean initiative by using fun, audience segmented marketing to drive the message home
Saudi Arabia invests more than $1bn in electric carmaker Lucid Motors
The funding will enable Silicon Valley-based Lucid to achieve the commercial launch of its Lucid Air electric vehicle in 2020
UAE plans to add 50 electric charging stations
Twelve of the planned 'green' stations will be for express charging, while 38 stations will be for medium speed charging
Aceleron teams up in new initiative for end of life EV batteries
Batteries will be processed for remanufacturing, reuse and recycling by Aspire; tested and repurposed for second-life applications by Aceleron; and recycled by Axion
City Centre Me’aisem expands EV charging facility
Four designated charging spots have been introduced at the community-oriented mall

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