cyber attack

USB devices pose threat to industrial facilities, says Honeywell research
More than 25% of the threats detected had the potential to cause a major disruption to plant operations
Cybersecurity tops agenda for utilities industry
Cyber-attacks on utilities and other critical infrastructure are not just on the increase, but have transitioned from speculative to indisputable. Utilities in the GCC, as well as vendors of ICS (industrial control systems), are now on the alert and taking remedial action.
Industrial cyber risks are real, says Siemens
Siemens has revealed that the threat of an industrial cyber risk on energy companies is rising, and companies should boost their security measures
Honeywell makes inroads in securing utilities
Utility installations are the lynchpin of any economy, and are traditionally the first to be secured in the wake of any attack. But beyond physical security, how well guarded is the utility sector from an avalanche of virtual attacks?
Cisco and Alstom to develop digital substations
Firms will integrate cyber-security and substation automation system
Cassidian demonstrates cyber security offering
Package protects critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

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