Adapting to new realities
When the economy hits the upside of the seesaw, utilities companies are expected to be among the first to rebound
The post COVID-19 recovery plan for GCC utilities
The ultimate impact of Covid-19 on utilities will depend on a range of factors, including the length and intensity of the epidemic, the global economic recovery, and oil market dynamics, and government stimulus packages, write Dr. Shihab Elborai and Dr. Raed Kombargi, partners with Strategy& Middle East, part of the PwC network
Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power earmarks $13.3m to Fight COVID-19
ACWA Power technical and human expertise have been harnessed to speed up the development and construction of vital facilities that require the highest standards of safety and security
How can the solar industry overcome disruptions from COVID-19?
Laurent Longuet, CEO of SirajPower, UAE's leading distributed solar energy provider, shares his views on the UAE's efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and the impact on the solar energy sector in the region
Investors seeking positive opportunities amid coronavirus gloom
Every economic downturn creates a new normal. The one being triggered by the coronavirus pandemic will be the same, says expert
GWEC highlights the impact of coronavirus on China’s wind energy industry
GWEC Market Intelligence interviewed six Chinese turbine OEMs (which collectively held more than 75 per cent of Chinese market share in 2018), one foreign turbine OEM, one utility, one stock-listed independent power producer, five-component suppliers and one material supplier based in China

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