PV module warranties: separating fact from fiction
Every pv manufacturer must maintain a cash warranty, says Timo Moeller, global director for customer support, product field performance, and commitments, First Solar
Digitalisation is driving change in the region
Countries are leapfrogging technological advancements with the power of IoT, says Mostafa AlGuezeri, managing director, ABB operations, United Arab Emirates
Paving the way for nuclear power’s future
The world’s first Generation 3+ nuclear reactor is a symbol of optimism in nuclear power, says Alexander Voronkov, vice president, ROSATOM Middle East and North Africa
Steering energy conservation in UAE
Energy saving programs are self-sustainable, as companies will have their initial investment returned relatively quickly. However, it is not as simple as just turning off the lights when they are not needed
Minding safety in utilities
With demand expected to surge by 8.3% per year through to 2019, the Middle East will need to install an extra 156 gigawatts of capacity over the next five years, along with new transmission and distribution infrastructure
Unlocking the potential of drones in utilities
Drones will be used more widely if the elements of time, cost and safety are demonstrated effectively to deliver a solid business case and Utilities companies are the best equipped to do so

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