Kenya court blocks East Africa's first coal plant
The project has outraged activists, who say clean renewable sources are becoming ever cheaper and note that Kenya already derives much of its energy from hydro and thermal
Coal and CCGT help support steam turbine market
The global trend towards the use of renewables is not denting the demand for older methods of power generation
Nearly $2trn invested in energy globally in 2018
Much of that investment has been fueled by the world's rapidly increasing demand for electricity
Is coal is on the way out?
With around 75% of coal production now more expensive than renewables, and with the global financial industry continuing their capital flight from thermal coal, what does the future hold for new coal projects?
Renewable energy surpasses power generation from coal in the US
This month will see a new U.S. milestone in the decline of what was the largest source of electricity generation during the 20th century and the early years of the 21st
Value of global turbines market to drop to $6.83bn
In 2017, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) represented the largest market for gas turbines, registering 42% of the global market share

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