Gartner Predicts that Organizations Using Blockchain Smart Contracts Will Increase Overall Data Quality by 50%
Blockchain smart contract adoption enhances transparency, speed and granularity of decision making. It also improves the quality of decision making, as its continuous verification makes the data more accurate, reliable and trustworthy
DEWA and Siemens promote the use of Blockchain
This is part of its efforts to achieve the Dubai Blockchain Strategy to transform Dubai’s government into the world's first government to conduct all its applicable transactions via Blockchain by 2020
KEPCO trials blockchain to trade solar energy
Japan’s KEPCO is the latest in a string of utilities in Asia piloting blockchain to allow solar energy producers to sell on a digital marketplace
DEWA trains Carbon Ambassadors on Disruptive Innovation and Blockchain
The training focused on the disruptive innovation model, blockchain and its working mechanism and how to use them in environmental conservation programmes and working with other organisations
Shopin Joins IEEE to establish Unified Decentralized Identity Technology Working Group
Shopin’s new standard will offer a secure, decentralized, approach for retailers to personalize consumer shopping experience and for consumers to achieve data sovereignty
ABB Launches Blockchain Pilot for Solar Energy Sector
To implement the project, ABB collaborated with Italian energy aggregator Evolvere to deploy a blockchain it jointly developed with blockchain-based platform Prosume

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