Solid State Batteries at the IDTechEx Show
Improving range requires batteries with higher energy density but Li-ion batteries using graphite anodes, metal oxide cathodes and liquid electrolytes are starting to reach the limits of their performance capabilities
Energy storage industry is putting digitalisation at the core of their business strategy, says DNV GL
Value-stacking has been identified as a key digital application for Energy Storage helping perform multiple tasks with the same storage system
Wind and solar with battery storage to ease energy transition in Australia, says GlobalData
Falling cost of renewable energy installations and introduction of strong policies to cut down pollution have led the policy makers focus more on renewable energy
Battery Scientists Prepare to Boost Power and Lifetime of Advanced Lead Batteries
Technical roadmap charts research program to create next generation technology
KiWi Power partners with Gresham House for optimisation of battery assets
KiWi Power will participate in the Balancing Mechanism (BM), as well as optimise the asset against multiple other revenue streams, including ancillary services
Saft’s lithium-ion technology provides vital backup power for Total’s trading platform at new Singapore office
High-performance Saft lithium-ion batteries provide backup power for Total’s corporate and trading data center

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