Battery Storage, Smart Grid, and Efficiency Companies Raise $252 Million in VC Funding in Q1 2020
Battery Storage companies raise $164 million; Smart Grid companies raise $81 million; Energy Efficiency companies raise $7 million
Seasonal storage technology has the potential to become cost-effective long-term electricity storage system
DNV GL research paper ‘The promise of seasonal storage’ finds that price of seasonal storage, if based on compressed hydrogen, could become cost-competitive with alternative forms of long-term storage
EV Growth Requires Investment Along The Li-Ion Supply Chain says IDTechEx Research
The continuing drop in battery prices will allow EVs to reach price parity with their ICE counterparts, which will a create huge demand for EVs
Sumitomo and Highview Power partner to expand cryogenic long-duration energy storage globally
One of the biggest barriers to a carbon-free future has been the ability of renewables to perform as reliably as traditional fuels
Accelerating the energy transition: DNV GL defines breakthrough technologies of this decade
DNV GL identifies new battery storage chemistries, high-temperature heat pumps and green hydrogen with the potential to significantly decarbonize CO2 heavy industries by 2030
ABB Joins Global Syndicate to Invest in Spear Power Systems
The round was led by Emerald Technology Ventures with significant participation from Energy Innovation Capital, Chevron Technology Ventures, Nabtesco Technology Ventures, KCRise Fund, and Foley Industries along with existing investors Evergy Ventures and Demetree Investors

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