Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

COVID-19 won’t delay Barakah nuclear plant, says ENEC
ENEC says that the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program has and will continue to power the future social and economic growth of the nation
Shaping the future of nuclear power
The next generation of innovation in nuclear power generation technology will not be like the last one
The Nuclear Power Champ of UAE
The UAE is warming up to the GCC’s first ever nuclear power plant scheduled to commence operations between the end of 2019 and early 2020. Mohamed Al Hammadi is the man who has hoisted the project through several record-breaking milestones.
More nuclear plants being decommissioned - report
Decommissioning has become a major activity for many reactor builders and operators, turning the costly process into a business opportunity
Construction of second UAE nuclear reactor nears completion
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation says it has successfully completed pre-operational testing on Unit 2 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant
'Work remains to be done' on UAE nuclear energy project, says IAEA
International Atomic Energy Agency makes a number of recommendations and suggestions after inspecting progress at the UAE's Barakah plant

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