DEWA, Saudi Aramco to cooperate on power supply and management
The MoU provides a framework to assess potential collaborations and ventures in new energy and smart grid applications
Saudi Aramco to weigh up to $5b of renewable deals
World’s biggest oil producer planning solar investments
Saudi Aramco signs $13bn contract for gas project
The deal, worth more than $13.3bn is aimed at meeting the kingdom’s growing domestic demand for energy
Saudi Aramco could import gas for energy mix
Saudi Aramco could invest in importing gas into the kingdom, but the priority would be on finding new sources of gas domestically through exploration, Saudi Arabia's energy minister said last week
Saudi Aramco's electricity capacity to exceed 12GW
Aramco's power capacity will hit 6,500 MW this year when its co-generation projects in Shaybah, Wasit, Abqaiq, Shedgum, Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah, and Ras Tanura are completed
GE and Saudi Aramco aim to change the world
Cheap desal will have same impact as the potato, Saudi Aramco says.

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