Ahmad Bin Shafar

Empower successfully delivered more than 63,700 online transactions
The achievement reflects the efficiency of its smart channels and the quality of its e-services to ensure providing uninterrupted district cooling services to the company's 120,000 customers across Dubai
ELIPS completes 10 years of operation in manufacturing of pre-insulated pipes
The company has generated over AED812 million of sales since its inception, produced over 500 km of pre-insulated pipes and served to more than 150 projects in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Empower Reveals AED 871 Mn Net Profit in 2019 with Growth of 8.3%
The number of buildings that Empower provides with it’s district cooling services exceeded 1,180 and the customer base has reached to more than 120,000
Empower awarded contracts with a total value Dh1.130bn in 2019
Empower expects an increase in number of customers and contracts, as well as completion of the construction of its new district cooling plants and expansion of the district cooling pipe network
Empower begins 5 km pipe extension work in Dubai Studio City worth Dh33mn
This is the Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the district cooling pipeline extension project in the Dubai Studio City, and is 5 km long

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