The expo 2020 substation promise

Sustainability, mobility and opportunity substations at Expo 2020 Dubai to boost power distribution

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Early this year, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) announced that it had commissioned the first 132/11 kV main substation for World Expo 2020, and was overseeing the completion of the remaining substations as part of its ongoing commitments. DEWA completed the infrastructure and energy projects to support Expo 2020 in a record time, two years before the official inauguration of the exhibition.

According to DEWA, all this was done in accordance with the highest standards of availability, reliability and efficiency. This supports DEWA’s vision of becoming a sustainable innovative world-class utility.

The Dubai utility has allocated Dh4.26bn to support the infrastructure for electricity and water at Expo 2020, since it is the first official Sustainable Energy Partner. DEWA is building three 132/11 kilovolt (kV) substations with 45 kilometres (km) of high-voltage (132kV) cables. The total cost of the electricity projects is Dh420mn.

The substations are named Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity after the three subthemes of Expo 2020. DEWA aims to generate half of the energy to be used by the exhibition from clean and renewable energy sources, to promote sustainability, which is a key pillar of the exhibition.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is highly billed to provide Expo 2020 Dubai with a dedicated capacity of 400MW of electricity. DEWA is also building a smart grid to become the first network in the world to provide the entire value chain of generation, transmission, and distribution systems to the Expo.

DEWA inaugurated Mobility, the first 132/11 kV main substation, at Expo 2020 Dubai, with a conversion capacity of 150 MVA, in January 2018. Mobility is one of the substations responsible for generating electricity for the Expo 2020 Dubai. Construction began in July 2015, at a total cost of Dh173mn, comprising Dh80mn for the plant and Dh93.6mn for the 132kV cables.

Sustainability is the second 132/11 kV main substation at Expo 2020 Dubai. It has a conversion capacity of 150 MVA, and is 95% complete. The total cost of the project is Dh103mn, including Dh83mn for the plant and Dh20mn for the 132kV cables.

The Opportunity 132/11 kV main substation at Expo 2020 Dubai is 91% complete. The substation will also have a conversion capacity of 150 MVA, and is expected to be inaugurated in February 2018. The total cost of the project is Dh142mn, comprising Dh83mn for the plant, and Dh59.7mn for the 132kV cables.

DEWA says that its strategy is to invest Dh81bn over the next five years to meet the energy needs of the Emirate. The utility hopes that this will strengthen the UAE’s global competitiveness with a focus on green economy, by launching projects in clean and renewable energy infrastructure.

All the current and future initiatives by DEWA are being implemented to offer strong support for the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a global hub for clean energy and green economy, and diversify the energy mix so clean energy will generate 75% of Dubai’s total power output by 2050.


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