Saudi Arabia issues RFP for 380kV Substation at Jubail 3B IWP

The new substation will feed the power supply to the IWP project

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Developers of Jubail 3B Indepent Water Producer Project (IWP), which is under bidding stage issued the RFP for 380kV Substation and 380kV Transmission line package.

The Planned capacity of the Jubail 3B IWP is 570,000 m3/day. The plant will be designed using Reverse Osmosis seawater desalination technology.

The desalination plant will be located in Jubail area, eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) has shortlisted the ten (10) consortium companies for Jubail 3B.

The new substation will feed the power supply to the IWP project. The Project Scope of Work involves two Portions.

The first portion of the project involves the construction a new indoor 380/33 kV Gas Insulated Substation, named as SWPC 3B 380/33 kV BSP.

The BSP shall be equipped with IEC 61850 standards based technically and economically optimized Substation Automation System (SAS) and will be remotely controlled from the Saudi Electricity Company’s Power Control Center (PCC) through SCADA and Communication.

The Substation consist of following major equipment:

  • 380kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
  • 13.8kV Switchgear
  • 82.5/102.5 MVA, 380/33/13.8kV Power Transformer
  • 2 MVA, 13.8kV/400V-230V Station Service Transformers
  • 13.8kV Grounding Transformers
  • HV/MV Power Cables and Terminations,
  • AC/DC Auxiliary Power Supply,
  • Surge Arresters
  • Control/Protection System,
  • Substation Automation System (SAS)
  • Communication System
  • Fire Detection/Alarm and Safety and Fire Protection System
  • Civil/Structural works and Mechanical works
  • Security System of Class-C

Portion 2 of the Project involve Design and construct one 380kV double circuit overhead transmission line, vertical configuration, latticed steel towers, using four (4) – 795 kcmil ACSR/AW CONDOR 54/7 conductor per phase from proposed SWPC 3B S/S up to LILO point located along the existing Jubail Residential-SWPC 3A BSP 380kV OHTL.

The approximate route length is 59km.

The Contractor shall perform on Lump sum turnkey basis, the design, engineering, materials procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, transport and delivery to site, installation, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning, all associated work and services until final handing over of new substation work in a satisfactorily working and operating condition.

At present, Jubail 3B IWP bid submission date to SWPC is 12 July 2020.


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