Enova helps to build Sustainability with data

Dubai-headquartered Enova, which recently announced the new leadership under Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Renaud Capris, is putting digitalisation at the heart of its commitment towards creating and preserving a culture of sustainability as many businesses in the region begin to realise the benefits of conservation and adopting sustainable energy solutions

Renaud Capris, CEO, ENOVA
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Renaud Capris, CEO, ENOVA

Renaud Capris, the recently appointed CEO at Dubai-headquartered Enova wants to make an impression. “The only way to remain relevant and be ahead or at least in sync with the expectations of the market, is to be unremittingly innovative. And Enova is a leader and pioneer in the field of digital transformation,” says Capris.

There is substance behind Capris’ bold claims as he is determined to shake things up and help businesses in the Middle East combat the rise in energy costs and reduce their energy consumption, which is among the highest in the world.

“So that is why we are here. We want to help businesses to have the highest levels of savings on both energy consumption and operational cost, while providing optimal comfort levels to the building occupants”

Capris says that the industry has evolved over the years since the creation of Enova in 2002 as a joint venture between Dubai-headquartered Majid Al Futtaim and French-based Veolia, a global leader in optimised resource management.

At Enova, a continuous drive for innovation is an integrated value: 'Innovative to be Sustainable' means Enovians across the entire organisation strive for new ideas and methods that add value to clients and ultimately their customers, while preserving the world’s natural resources. Not only does Enova analyse building, client and end-user requirements, Enova also pioneers by creating solutions of tomorrow before concrete needs manifest.

In addition to an award-winning digital suite with the monitoring platform Hubgrade 4.0 as its core, embedded in and interconnected with a suite of multiple smartphone applications and operational support tools such as PDAs, Enova keeps on trialing new solutions to keep its position of thought leader and pioneer.  

From drones providing access to areas previously time-consuming to reach, to smart glasses helping staff to reduce response times, Enova is already delivering on Capris’ promise to put innovation at the core of the company’s strategy.

In 2017, Enova invested in cutting-edge, industrial drones to help offer an integrated inspection and analysis solution that allows fast access to sites while enhancing staff safety. Equipped with High Definition and thermal cameras, the industrial drone captures the minutest details of clients’ infrastructure, enabling 360° vision of buildings and assets. Thanks to the additional thermal images, air flow can be detected and later rectified.

The FLIR recording management software allows Enova staff to process and analyse the images and create tailored reports. The drones allow staff to access and assess a wide range of facilities and assets including rooftop and duct networks, building envelope, solar panels, risks areas, and specialised assets, as well as CHW and plumbing pipe networks.

By encompassing both inspection and analysis capabilities, Enova’s integrated drone offer delivers significant added-value to the client. The solution provides high definition aerial photography and records, along with tailored reports including technical recommendations to optimise the assets’ maintenance routine and increase the building’s energy efficiency as a whole.

Being the regional leader in multi-technical services, Enova is fully able to oversee and manage the necessary corrective actions at the client’s request, according to the company. Benefits include less downtime and fewer disruptions, faster retrieval of target data, lower exposure to enterprise risk, accurate and reusable data, reduced inspection cost, improved asset reliability and considerable safety gains.

As part of on-going efforts to digitalise aspects of operations and capitalising on the latest innovations in video conferencing and telecommunication solutions, Enova has been exploring the utilisation of Smart Glasses technology, which is now being added to the digital portfolio, after a successful pilot project.

The main advantage of this solution if to make optimal use of existing expertise within the workforce, resulting in major time economies. Instead of having to wait for an expert to fly in and support on the maintenance of specialized equipment, Smart Glasses enable instant remote support in the vision field from specialists that can either be available within the worldwide Enova/Veolia network or could be from a specialised subcontractor/partner anywhere in the world.

“This is enabling us to be more efficient and to make better use of our specialised staff. In addition to creating a safer working environment and ensuring more efficient use of resources, the technology has also helped us to increase our knowledge sharing for the benefit of competency development,” says Capris.

“The benefits have also translated over to our clients, who enjoy less downtime, reduced instances of rework on projects, and the assurance that the highest expertise is being employed to maintain assets and extend their respective lifespans.”

Enova recently conducted one proof of concept around Smart Glasses in the Middle East, in close collaboration with the Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt teams. The tests showed that the new Smart Glasses solution enabled the operational teams working in the fairly new Ski Egypt, to replicate the expertise gained from more than a decade at Ski Dubai, the Middle East's first indoor skiing resort, having been inaugurated in 2005.

“We see clearly that with digitalisation, there is a ramp-up of innovation. You have to survey everything available in the market and adopt value-add solutions. At the same time, being able to develop in-house innovation, is one of the major strongsuits I see in Enova’s offer” says Capris.

Enova’s new CEO brings more than three decades of industry expertise to the role. Prior to Enova, Renaud Capris has worked across Veolia’s energy business, most recently as CEO of Italian energy service company Siram, where he drove energy efficiency across multiple industries.


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