UAE launches nuclear technology centre at Khalifa University

Centre aims to enhance the country’s nuclear technology research capabilities

Nuclear, Nuclear technology center

A new nuclear technology research and development centre was opened by the Ministry of Energy and Industry at the Arzanah Complex of Khalifa University’s Sas Al Nakhil campus in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday to enhance the UAE’s nuclear technology research capabilities.

The centre will support the long-term sustainability of the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy programme by creating a dedicated innovation hub for peaceful nuclear technologies.

The Emirates Nuclear Technology Centre will engage in research projects designed and approved by Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), and will be conducted by students, academics and researchers from Khalifa University. The Centre’s initial research projects will focus on three areas: nuclear safety and systems, nuclear materials science and chemistry, and radiation safety in the environment.

Minister of Energy and Industry, Suhail Mohammad Al Mazroui and Second Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea, Taeho LEE, jointly opened the centre and toured the facility.

Speaking to media after the opening, Al Mazroui said, “We are so proud to open this centre to maximise the research and developments between three main stake holders – UAE, Korea governments and Khalifa University.

“It has been a year-long effort by the joint committee between UAE and Korea in the nuclear field to come up with the idea, design the programme and put it in place,” he said.

“We appreciate Khalifa University to provide us such a distinctive facility. I believe that it’s going to add a lot to the region to venture into the nuclear energy research and development and will collaborate with other centres around the world to provide peaceful energy to the region,” the minister said.

The MoU has been signed between the UAE MoEI and the Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology of Republic of Korea, under the UAE and Korea Consultation Committee on Nuclear Technology. The MoU outlines the framework of cooperation on research projects between the centre’s relevant parties.

Through the MoU, the centre will benefit from sharing knowledge and expertise from the Korean Nuclear energy industry, which has been operating for over 40 years, along with experience in developing nuclear research reactors.

“Nuclear energy is a clean energy, is a component of our future energy. We look forward to improving efficiencies, looking for materials that will be suitable for this environment, looking at the nuclear safety,” Al Mazroui said.

“This is a collaboration with our friends from South Korea who helped us build nuclear reactors in the UAE. It’s a partnership and we look forward to the research and development coming from this centre helping to enhance the know-how of the country.”

The ENTC will be dedicated to enhancing the UAE’s nuclear technology research capability and support the goals for delivery of safe, clean and efficient nuclear technology to meet the UAE 2030 vision.


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