Cummins targets net-zero emissions by 2050

Called Planet 2050, the strategy outlines eight specific goals to accomplish by 2030, all following three 2050 guideposts


Cummins, Inc. is targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, as part of what the diesel engine company is touting as the most comprehensive and ambitious effort the company has ever pursued to protect the environment.

Called Planet 2050, the strategy outlines eight specific goals to accomplish by 2030, all following three 2050 guideposts: addressing climate change and air emissions, using natural resources sustainably; and improving communities in which Cummins has a presence.

"There's no question that as one of the world's leading suppliers of diesel engines, we have a big environmental footprint," Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger said at an employee town hall after the announcement Friday. "And so we have not only the will to do it, we have a responsibility to play our role ... we have to be part of it and we can be part of it."

Cummins' goals meet or exceed those outlined by the United Nation's Paris Agreement. The Trump administration formally withdrew the United States from that agreement earlier this month.

The plan's eight specific 2030 goals are split between two of the plan's 2050 guideposts.

As part of reducing air emissions and addressing climate change, Cummins declared the company will reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions from all facilities and operations by half, and reduce similar lifetime emissions from newly sold products by a quarter.

These two targets are science-based, meaning they were formed with recommendations from climate scientists with the Science-Based Targets Initiative, an initiative to help companies quantify the targets they hope to reach based on current research and predictions .

"They laid out the de-carbonization paths for sectors and we applied that," said Brian Mormino, executive director of Cummins' worldwide environmental strategy and compliance in a conference call Friday. "Those targets have now been validated and approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative."

Cummins will also work with customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from products in the field by 55 million metric tons. But Linebarger admitted that getting customers on board will be a challenge.


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