NOMAC inaugurates its Monitoring and Prediction Center, utilising GE Predix technology

The Center uses GE Predix technology to enhance power and desalination plant efficiency

NOMAC, GE Predix

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company (NOMAC)  announced the opening of a dedicated Monitoring & Prediction Center (MPC) utilizing GE Predix technology, at the company headquarters in Dubai. This Center will provide unprecedented insights into the real-time operations of power and desalination plants managed by NOMAC.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and MD & CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Mohammad A. Abunayyan, Chairman, ACWA Power, and Bhanu Shekhar Chief Commercial Officer, GE Power Digital, in the presence of DEWA and ACWA Power staff.

Julio Torre Gutierrez, NOMAC CEO and Dr. Lana El Chaar, Vice President Centre of Excellence, presented the NOMAC MPC vision and mission. The company’s experts also highlighted the GE Predix technical solution and presented a live demonstration of its usage.

GE Power Digital undertook the implementation of the digital solutions as part of it’s contract with NOMAC. The technology will be deployed at NOMAC’s two MPC centers – one in Dubai and the other at NOMAC’s premises in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This also builds on the strong partnership between the two entities, following an earlier signed agreement to implement GE’s Asset Performance Management solutions at NOMAC’s thermal, wind and solar power generation and water desalination sites located across 10 countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, Bulgaria and Vietnam.

Together, the two MPCs will monitor each of these plants, which have a combined capacity of over 20+ GW and 5.3 million cubic meter/day of desalinated water.

With the new MPC, NOMAC will leverage advanced digital analytics tools to predictively monitor plant equipment in real-time and help strengthen the reliability and performance of its plants. The MPC process draws on three primary applications to provide a comprehensive monitoring process. These include automatic alerts that detect reliability and performance risks and prioritize them to respond to critical issues urgently as well as an application to track, prioritize and calculate impact through a user-friendly interface to address the issue. Finally, the MPC will also allow teams to understand system reliability and asset performance via data-driven dashboards.

The two NOMAC MPCs will monitor hundreds of thousands of data tags generating enormous quantity of data on the various equipment at the plants. This voluminous data will be digitally analyzed to create actionable insights that enable NOMAC to proactively take timely measures to enhance power and water desalination plant efficiency, reliability and productivity.

The MPC can monitor a variety of technologies used by water desalination plants including Multi-stage flash evaporation, Multi-effect Distillation, and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis technology. Similarly, it can also keep track of coal, solar, and conventional thermal power plants as well as those that operate in combined cycle.

Julio Torre Guiterrez President & CEO of NOMAC, said: “The installation of the MPC is another testament to our focus on leveraging advanced digital solutions and to boost the digital transformation of our assets. The MPC will play a significant role in adding value to all our projects by maximizing productivity and enabling us to cut down on maintenance overheads by helping focus on where any corrective measure must be made proactively. The MPC also bring significant reliability and flexibility as it can monitor plants operating on diverse range of fuels and by multiple equipment providers.”

“Alerts, case management and performance analysis are the core areas of the MPC that will enable NOMAC to not only detect operational/equipment problems before any failure occurs but to also help optimize the plant performance,”

Bhanu Shekhar Chief Commercial Officer said from GE Power. “The completion of the MPC underlines our focus on supporting our partners with advanced digital solutions that help reduce downtime, cut down maintenance costs and increase the uptime of power and desalination plants. This, in turn, will strengthen the productivity and efficiency, as well as help meet the growing demand for power and water.”

The leading O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services provider for power production and water desalination projects, NOMAC is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power and is responsible for the operation of a portfolio of 28+ GW of power generation and 5.3+ million cubic meters per day of desalinated water production. NOMAC is also the largest private sector potable water producer in the world using desalination process, and contributes 40 percent and  15 percent of Saudi Arabia’s demand for water and power respectively.


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