Atlas Copco adds a new LED model to its HiLight tower range

The HiLight V4+ can be used in metropolitan areas, thanks to its near-silent operation. Audible noise levels are reduced to 63 dBA at 7 metres

HiLight, Atlas Copco

The HiLight V4+ is the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s growing light tower range. This reliable product offers great value for money, so users can cost-effectively change from metal halide to LED illumination. The result is a brighter, safer, more productive site with increased lighting autonomy.

With a coverage of 4000 m2, the HiLight V4+ is ideal for construction and mining sites, particularly in the Middle East, South America and Asia. The new design features a larger fuel tank with a capacity extended to 110 L, allowing an improved autonomy of 245 hours’ continuous run time. The alternator, uniquely to Atlas Copco, has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). This improves voltage stability and operational reliability versus alternators regulated by capacitors.

The HiLight V4+ can be used in metropolitan areas, thanks to its near-silent operation. Audible noise levels are reduced to 63 dBA at 7 metres.

Automatic starting is possible, with switching being controlled by a photocell and/or a weekly timer. The photocell measures ambient luminosity, with a user-adjustable sensitivity level. A set point of 50 Lux is recommended for activating the SL-250W floodlights.

These autostart functions are provided by Atlas Copco’s LC1003 Advanced Controller, which also provides a Voltage/Frequency/Running Hours log, together with useful maintenance information.

Once activated, the four new-design SL-250W floodlights reach full illumination instantly, with special optics to maximise light coverage. The light is highly efficient, with durable performance and a long lifetime of 50,000 hours. This high efficiency allows low operating costs, with a fuel consumption of just 0.45 litres per hour.

Savings also accrue from the HiLight V4+’s ultra-compact footprint. Up to 16 units can be loaded onto a 40 ft trailer, or 20 onto a 53 ft trailer. When delivered, the manual mast can be extended to a height of 7.5 m (24’ 6”) with a wind speed stability of 80 km/h.

On site, the units are protected by Atlas Copco’s corrosion-free, lightweight and crack-resistant HardHat polyethylene canopy, which protects vital internal components and ensures that performance and appearance are optimised for years of continuous service. Operating costs are further reduced by an extended oil service interval of 600 hours – and when servicing does become necessary, scissor doors allow fast and easy access.

The HiLight V4+ has an open frame chassis, with an optional tandem-towing coupling. Other options include a choice of custom colours, a spark arrestor, and a cold weather kit.

Félix Gómez, Atlas Copco Divisional Product Marketing Manager – Light Towers said: “The HiLight V4+ is the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s comprehensive light tower range, which gives users the widest choice when it comes to sourcing the safest and most efficient light tower for multiple applications and industries, including construction, mining, outdoor events and industrial sectors.”

Gómez continued: “The HiLight V4+ combines high-efficiency LEDs, special optics and durable construction; this offers users needing limited area coverage a cost-effective and reliable way to access the superior performance of LED lighting.”


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