Harris Pye undertakes strategic transformation

After being acquired in 2017 by the Joulon, Harris Pye is optimizing its operations and economic contributions to the region

Harris Pye
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Joulon, the global company offering lifecycle asset management (LCAM) services to asset owners and operators in the broader energy industry, has announced a bold and radical strategy to reposition the global business of Harris Pye.

Abhishek Kumar, Chairman of Harris Pye and Vice Chairman and CEO of Joulon explained, “Joulon has identified an opportunity for Joulon-Harris Pye to more efficiently capitalize on the success of completed projects executed globally. By implementing a step change process over the coming weeks, both existing and new customers will be offered the opportunity to engage Harris Pye as a lifecycle asset management contractor starting with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to asset management services through the life of the asset. This is a major element of enhancing Joulon’s industry leading LCAM capabilities.”

LCAM involves the development and execution of the strategy of an asset to ensure optimum investment of resources to create, maintain and upgrade the asset such that it remains efficient, competitive and profitable throughout its life cycle.

Kumar further elaborated saying, “Joulon is firmly committed to ensuring our portfolio companies, and in particular Harris Pye, is fully equipped to meet the opportunities and challenges that these environments bring. Subsequent to this transformation, Joulon will strongly support Harris Pye in its transition from the general marine service and repair sectors, to enable them to develop focused solutions in LCAM. The new rebranding exercise which is currently underway will solely focus on this strategy so that the message is clearly conveyed to all of our existing and new customers.

Chris David, President and CEO of Harris Pye emphasized, “These are very exciting times for our organization and we are confident that the skill set of the original Harris Pye teams, coupled with the capabilities and experience of Joulon, will enable both Joulon and Harris Pye to go from strength to strength within the international LCAM arena. I am proud of the work carried out previously by the Harris Pye staff which has given rise to the opportunity to enter this market sector.”


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