Dhofar project targets 10% of Oman’s green energy needs

A first-of-its-kind in the Gulf, the Dhofar Wind Project spans over 1,900 hectares utilising a $100mn investment

Dhofar, Wind, Renewable energy

As a step forward in Oman’s sustainable projects and focus on green economy, Rural Areas Electricity Company (Tanweer) is implementing a number of renewable energy projects. Key among these efforts is the Dhofar Wind Project, designed to secure a minimum ten per cent share of Oman’s total energy needs from sustainable energy sources within the next five years.

Tanweer conducted a high-level visit to the site of Dhofar Wind Project to oversee the progress of the project. The delegation included Sheikh Faisal al Hashar, chairman of the Board of Directors of Tanweer, board members Suleiman al Adi and Mohammed al Brashdi, and Eng Saleh al Rumhi, CEO of Tanweer. Tanweer’s visit comes to ensure the implementation phase is going according to plan.

A first-of-its-kind in the Gulf, the Dhofar Wind Project spans over 1,900 hectares utilising a $100mn investment. The wind turbines have the production capacity of over 50MW of clean energy fulfilling the needs of 16,000 homes.

Sheikh Hashar said the nation’s first wind farm is a testament to Oman’s profound capacity for renewable energy resources. “Tanweer is proud to be at the forefront of this project and, along with our partners, we look forward to achieving excellence within the renewable energy field and transfer our learnings to other projects.”

Eng Rumhi said the project reflects concrete steps towards the vision of increasing the company’s renewable energy sources to 20% by 2025.

“Renewables are key for meeting our increasing domestic energy demand growth. Oman’s foreword thinking decision to invest in the Dhofar Wind Project will have a positive ripple effect from clean energy to technological knowledge transfer, sustainable development, job creation, human resource skill development and other benefits.”


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