WaterWA, An EasierWay to Get Water Delivered, Is Here

Bottled water sales are expected to grow at an average rate of 15% every year owing to the recent consumer trends of switching to healthier beverage options


WaterWA, a dynamic new solution to fulfil the everyday need of drinking water, has recently launched in UAE. Led by Co-founder and CEO, Abdulla Najem, WaterWA is the first app of its kind in the region which aims to bring a variety of brands of drinking water to the doorstep in just a few clicks. From small cups to large gallons, the app allows users to easily compare prices of of bottled water from different brands, helping them make an informed and calculated decision.

The MENA region has seen a rise in the grocery e-commerce market where big players like Carrefour and Amazon are delivering groceries to doorsteps through their e-commerce channels. Within this market, is the ever-growing segment of bottled water which, considering the recent health-conscious trends and the sheer necessity due to UAE’s climate, still did not have a dedicated platform until WaterWA. While there are many platforms to order groceries from, bottled water delivery, with market size of AED 2 billion, still has potential to become the next big trend in the e-commerce arena, as identified by Essa and Abdulla.

Bottled water sales are expected to grow at an average rate of 15% every year owing to the recent consumer trends of switching to healthier beverage options, and the UAE government’s decision to tax sugary drinks in 2017. In addition, companies like Al Ain are also introducing a wide range of flavoured water drinks to circumvent the slow growth rates of carbonated drinks enabling the bottled water segment to become a lucrative opportunity for an e-commerce business.

In just a few months of operations, WaterWA has also observed this trend as it has seen a steady growth in the number of orders; it currently handles over 1000 orders a month across UAE. Customers have instantly fallen in love with the robustness of the app and are commenting on how constant improvements to the app are rolled out to make the user experience better. Holding direct strategic partnerships with popular names like Masafi, Zulal, and Acqua Panna to deliver all types of bottled water to consumers in UAE, key USPs of the company are that inventory will never fall short, and immediate delivery is guaranteed

In the age of convenience and technology led by the youth, Abdulla notes how water has been overlooked as the target market is massive, especially when it is being promoted as the healthiest beverage option worldwide. With the launch of this venture, Abdulla joins the elite ranks of young entrepreneurs in the MENA region, launching WaterWA two years after graduating from university in Bahrain. “I guess, if you want to start an interesting venture, always look around and observe the problems you and others are facing and try to find an innovative solution to it. In our case, it was the struggle to carry heavy bottles of water every week to fulfil our daily need of water. It was simply impossible to carry multiple bottles and any less would not be sufficient for the entire week. This struggle, to have a constant, uninterrupted supply of a necessary staple item in the pantry, is what brought about WaterWA,” says Abdulla.

Backed by Emirati investors, the WaterWA app is available for download on both iOS and Android. Users can shop from a list of all types of branded water bottles and subscribe for weekly or monthly deliveries to their homes and/or offices. Convenience in mind, the platform allows users to either pay cash directly on delivery or through card via an authorized payment gateway. WaterWA soon looks to expand into the GCC region within the next two years with the mission to become the go-to app to order bottled water.


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