Siraj Power installs solar PVs on RSA-Talke warehouses in Dubai South

Chemical firm RSA-Talke's fourth power plant has been equipped with a 1MWp solar rooftop by Siraj Power

RSA Talke, Siraj Power

RSA Global’s chemical subsidiary, RSA-Talke, has installed its fourth power plant from Siraj Power at its facility in Dubai South, covering more than 78% of its electricity consumption, effectively helping it cut 998 tonnes of CO2 during its first year of operation.

The installation includes a 1MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of RSA-Talke’s non-dangerous chemical goods plant under a 20 year leasing scheme.

Commenting on the energy transition, RSA Global’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Abhishek Ajay Shah, said sustainability was at the company's business decisions.

He added: “We embarked on a green journey with Siraj Power two years ago following our first solar rooftop deal.

“The successful partnership led us to working together on the installation of solar rooftops on our fourth facility.”

Siraj Power’s CEO, Laurent Longuet, added: “We see a big push towards solar in different sectors of the market including logistics.

"The buildings of these companies consume a lot of power, thus making an impact on their carbon footprint is becoming inevitable.”


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