GE Technology Delivered to Adani Transmission for Ensuring High Power Quality

GE’s outdoor single STATCOM system provides up to ±1MVAr of dynamic reactive power compensation

Statcom, Adani, Transmission
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GE (NYSE: GE) has recently successfully commissioned the Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) system for Adani Transmission, a leading Indian multinational conglomerate, helping ensure the optimized power quality from the HVDC power plant for distribution to the central government district in India.

GE’s power electronic equipment, STATCOM, fine-tunes the grid voltage—generating or absorbing reactive power when the grid voltage changes. It, therefore, helps stabilize the grid, increasing reliability and availability of grid operations. In other words, it enables a “smooth highway” that allows more power to run through the grid infrastructure.

In the event of an immediate voltage drop, a common cause for power outages, the STATCOM has a fast response time to inject huge electricity inrush, allowing a quick and safe recovery of the network. For the Adani Transmission project, GE’s STATCOM system can provide up to ±1MVAr of dynamic reactive power compensation.

“GE’s STATCOM solution has exceeded our expectations today, helping elevate our grid availability and meet the local grid code requirement. With increased power transmission costs and evolving grid conditions, it is imperative to equip the grid with reliable technology that ensures a high standard of grid performance. We are pleased to work with GE and are very satisfied with GE’s technology and professional services provided,” said Jigar Thakkar, General Manager, Adani Transmission.

“GE’s STATCOM solution has proven to effectively control the voltage of the network, increase the power quality and enhance the grid availability,” said Gagan Sood, CEO of Industry, Power, Water and Wind, GE’s Power Conversion business. “Moreover, the local grid operators have started charging customers based on load, which makes STATCOM an imperative solution to help improve grid reliability and reduce the tariff.”

“Grids are the blood vessel of the industry. There is an increasing need to deploy economical and efficient solutions to stabilize the grid, increase power distribution capability on existing networks to reduce disruptions and stress to the grid, and maintain the quality of power supply. The future of the grid needs such modern transmission solutions and our STATCOM solution is designed exactly for that,” said Azeez Mohammed, president & CEO, GE’s Power Conversion business.


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