ACWA Power to highlight its role in leading the drive for sustainability at WETEX 2018

To fortify the UAE’s efforts in promoting global green growth, WETEX 2018 will be held this year under the theme “At the forefront of sustainability”

ACWA power will highlight its role as a market leader in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in the region
ACWA power will highlight its role as a market leader in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in the region

ACWA Power, a global leader in water desalination and power generation, will be showcasing the latest projects in its global portfolio drawing emphasis to the company’s commitment to the communities it operates in at the upcoming Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX 2018), which will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from October 23 – 25, 2018.

ACWA power will highlight its role as a market leader in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in the region, with a focus on plants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Morocco, and South Africa.

“We are delighted to participate in this global event led by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). In its 20th year WETEX has become the undisputed global platform to bring the future of the energy and water sectors to reality today,” said Mohammed Abunayyan, Chairman of ACWA Power.

Using this platform as a showcase, ACWA Power said it is committed to creating a sustainable future; transforming energy production in the region through public and private partnerships which results; creating a unique value proposition to the end users.

“Cementing our position as a leading sustainability enabler in the region, we are excited to join hands and engage with various stakeholders in the industry to highlight our commitment to producing electricity and desalinated water efficiently, reliably, and safely at low cost, all the while deploying the latest technologies and providing communities we operate in with a sustainable future,” added Abunayyan.

Paddy Padmanathan, President and CEO of ACWA Power, said that ACWA Power is honoured to have established a strong partnership with DEWA to develop and operate key projects that contribute to the Emirate of Dubai’s Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 for ensuring security of energy supply at a cost efficient and reliable rate, as well as diversifying the energy mix.

“In line with this year’s WETEX key theme -  ‘at the forefront of sustainability’-  we will share our success stories of enabling the ambitious sustainability plans and visions adopted by the communities and countries in the region,” said Padmanathan.

“WETEX is a platform that offers us the opportunity to exchange insights with like-minded governments and companies that are committed to realising a sustainable energy strategy and that aid our business structure and strategy that serves as a foundation for economic growth and social development for the countries and communities we serve.”

He added that ACWA Power believes that the future lies within the hands of young talent, and thus aims to nurture aptitudes through trainings and rehabilitation.

In 2010, ACWA Power founded The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) – its flagship corporate social responsibility project. HIWPT is a vocational training institute located in Saudi Arabia that trains young Saudis to work as operators and technicians in the fields of water desalination and power technologies to address the growing needs to Saudi talents required to operate and drive the industry.

The initiative also endorses local employment by successfully securing employment for all trainees. HIWPT trainees will be present at ACWA Power’s stand at WETEX 2018 to dialogue and share young and innovative ideas with the participants. 


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