Russian Federation

Russia looks to expand MENA power footprint with hi-tech product breakthroughs
Dedicated Middle East Energy pavilion to host global product launches
Rosatom commissions phase 1 of 150MW wind project
Rosatom’s floating nuclear plant produces power at remote port
Rosatom says the floating nuclear power plant is suited to remote areas and “island states” which need stable and in its own words, “green,” sources of energy
Rosatom undertakes to skill personnel for Egypt’s nuclear power plant
Russia is also currently offering scholarships to Egyptian students wishing to enroll for masters programs in nuclear at leading Russian universities
Russia’s Rosatom to build nuclear science centre in Rwanda
The centre would carry out scientific research and ‘practical application’ of nuclear technologies, allowing production of radioisotopes for wider use in agriculture and other areas
Rosatom eyes major stake in major Chilean lithium mine
The deal gives Rosatom access to major deposits of lithium that are dissolved in brine beneath the Atacama Desert
Russia’s Rosatom eyes nuclear projects in East Africa
A new deal lays the foundation for specific cooperation between Russia and Uganda in the field of nuclear energy
Russia's Rosatom Launches Floating Nuclear Reactor
The vessel Akademik Lomonosov, named after an 18th century Russian scientist and poet, departed from Russia’s northwest port of Murmansk
Russia's Rosatom interested in Bulgaria nuclear plant tender
Bulgaria is seeking a strategic investor for its revived Belene project on the Danube, which is estimated to cost at least 10 billion euros ($11.1 billion)
Rosatom ready to launch first floating nuclear plant
Rosatom’s fleet includes two nuclear icebreakers with twin-reactor nuclear power plants and two with a single reactor, the most notable of these being the Akademik Lomonosov


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