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Saudi-Japanese consortium to build cogen plants
The plants will provide 900MW of power, 1,500 tonnes of steam per hour
Regional nuclear power takes another leap forward
Turkey confirms $22bn project whist UAE & Japan strike nuclear deal
Power failure at Fukushima Nuclear plant UPDATE
Cooling water supplies to fuel storage pools halted
Mitsubishi and Hitachi set to form new power firm
Joint venture will see partnership on thermal power generation
Japan shuns nuclear power
Country targets massive increase in renewables generation
JICA refutes news of $2bn Iraq loan
Early reports suggested Japan was supporting new 1800MW project
Fukushima disaster was "profoundly manmade"
Commission says accident demonstrates need for fundamental reform
Masdar Capital announces joint platform with Japan
Private equity arm of renewable initiative partners with DBJ at WFES
Italians vote out nuclear energy policy
Japan remains steadfast following Italian referendum against nuclear


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