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Solar powered rail network set to become reality in Germany
A 42 MW solar park will be built in eastern Germany to generate power for the 16.7 Hz network of German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn
German learns from best practices at Dubai’s mega solar park
DEWA has highlighted Dubai’s experience in developing the renewable and clean energy sector, reducing the consumption of natural resources, and finding alternative solutions to traditional energy sources to achieve the sustainable development of Dubai.
ABB wins $30m power equipment order to bolster Germany’s renewable energy integration
High-performance phase-shifting transformers to better control integrating of offshore wind power into the electricity grid
Siemens to retrofit one of the largest substations in Germany
Two new indoor GIS systems increase power and ensure reliable supply for consumers
Renewables Cover Nearly 43 Percent of Electricity Consumption
ZSW and BDEW on gross electricity consumption in the first three quarters of 2019
Hydrogen based energy technology holds promise as German shifts from nuclear
In July, Federal Economic Affairs and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier announced €300mn of his own to support hydrogen research
Yanmar Energy System Europe Established as Full-Service Energy Solutions Provider
The establishment of the company follows the Eschenfelder KKU Group’s move to join the Yanmar Group in April 2019
Siemens to build industrial power plant at the Marl Chemical Park in Germany
Turnkey construction of two 90 MW power plant units. Production of process steam and district heat
ETW Energietechnik exchanges two CHP units for biogas plant in Backnang, Germany
Significant increase in overall efficiency, CHP unit equipped with SCR catalytic converters
DuPont Water Solutions Principal Sponsor at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019
Possibility flows with DuPont Water Solutions at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019


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