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Siemens signs Egypt long term power station deal
Egypt has signed an agreement with Siemens that extends a long-term contract with the company to provide service and maintenance, as well as component upgrades, at the Nubaria, Talkha and El Kureimat power stations in the North African country
Egypt shifts focus to wind energy
The push to revamp wind turbines is rapidly gaining momentum in Egypt as the country seeks to become a regional hub for wind energy
Schneider Electric to boost investments in Egypt
The company invests $26bn around the world, including $1bn in Africa, which accounts for a good share of the company’s sales
Orascom to convert Egypt power plants for $420mn
Orascom Construction has agreed to undertake a $420mn contract to convert existing simple power plants to combined cycle power plants
Egypt approves $98mn loan for Saudi grid link
The Egyptian cabinet has approved a loan agreement with Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) to finance the power interconnection between Egypt and Saudi Arabia
Egypt approves coal-fired power plant proposals
China's Dongfang Electric Corporation plans to build a plant with a capacity of 1,980 megawatts while Shanghi Electric submitted an offer to construct four plants with a combined capacity of 2,400 megawatts
Cairo seeks $100mn for interconnection grid
Egypt has requested a loan of $100mn from Kuwait to help fund a power interconnection project that would link it with Saudi Arabia to boost the power capacities in both countries during peak usage times
Egypt, Ethiopia dam dispute nears end
An agreement later this year could end the longstanding dispute over the construction of the dam
Egypt and Russia to discuss nuclear power plant
The project involves the building of a 'third-generation' plant with four reactors with the help of a loan from Russia to be paid off over 35 years
Egypt's EETC in talks for $894mn finance
Egypt's Ministry of Electricity has approved Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) - Egypt's bid to secure a Shariah-compliant finance for the EETC ranging between 2-3 billion pounds to be paid back over 15 years


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