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Dresser-Rand to supply turbine-gensets in Egypt
Three SGT-400 gas turbine-generator sets are destined for largest natural gas field in the Mediterranean sea
Egypt solar station to start selling electricity
Egypt is set to open its first solar powered power station on September 25, according to Africa Business Communities website. The 1 megawatt of energy generated will be sold to the private sector
Frustrations surround future of Solar in Egypt
Developers who prequalified for solar and wind projects under attractive feed-in-tariff (FiT) schemes say they face delays and currency risks while wrangling with the government over contract terms has complicated efforts to secure financing
Cairo, Moscow agree on nuclear power plant terms
Egypt and Russia have agreed on all the clauses of the commercial contract on construction of the first nuclear power plant in the country
GE completes landmark upgrade at Egypt power plant
GE has completed the upgrade of two GE 9FA gas turbine at the Nubaria power plant, located in Beheira, Egypt, and owned by the Middle Delta Electricity Production Company’s (MDEPC).
JA Solar supplies PV for Egypt hybrid power
Shanghai-based development company JA Solar has delivered 11MW of high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) modules for a diesel hybrid project in the Red Sea region of Egypt
Egypt to build five desalination plants by 2019
Egypt is to build five new desalination plants to serve the drinking water needs of residents in the Sinai Peninsular
Siemens training facility to boost regional talent
Siemens aims to enable young talents to enhance their professional and vocational competencies, building local experts in the energy industry over the next years
Egypt to prioritise push for renewable energy
The Egyptian government is implementing its strategy for making energy mixture through lowering its use of fossil fuel and traditional energy sources
$45bn to double Egypt power production
With current electricity generation at nearly 30,000 MW, more investments are required to meet the ever growing power demand


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