How decentralized solar solutions are powering global green economy transition
Access to and the productive use of solar energy are a great enabler for many communities especially in rural, off-grid areas where there is no feasible alternative to solar, across the globe
Maldives’ experience: Achieving SDGs within set deadline
No matter the differences in our position, SDGs undoubtedly symbolize the international community’s common aspiration to attain sustainable development amidst the ever-growing threat of climate change.
Navigating the Digital Journey to Prepare a Utility for Success
Technology exists today to answer many of the most critical water challenges we face, says Ian Sykes, Regional Director, Sensus
Growth Prospects for Renewable Desalination in GCC
Opportunities in Water Management on the Rise due to the Pressure on Natural Water Resources because of Increasing Global Population and Imbalance in Demand and Supply, says Nideshna V, Consultant, Industrial Practice, Frost & Sullivan.
Smart government and green economy: Building a sustainable future for all
With the internet and other modern tools at its core, smart government has empowered the public by giving them easy, round-the-clock access to services and an effective platform to reach out to public authorities, says Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of Smart Dubai, UAE
Leasing the sun's energy
Reduce energy costs without capital investment through a solar lease, says Rory McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer, Yellow Door Energy

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