The role of smart utilities in protecting the Middle East’s most precious resource – water
The water sustainability challenge is not just about meeting the needs of a burgeoning urban population, but also creating smart utilities initiatives, that will help achieve water security for the future
Decarbonizing Power Sectors in the Middle East: Storage or Digital?
Cristiano Rizzi, Managing Director and Partner at BCG, Massimiliano Masi, Partner and Associate Director at BCG and Simon Birkebaek, Principal at BCG share their thoughts about the future of energy storage in the Middle East
Saudi Arabia has potential to be hub for green finance for emerging markets - KPMG
The Middle East, like the rest of the world, understands the existentialist threat that climate change poses and therefore the necessary actions to move to a zero-carbon economy are fully recognised throughout the region
The three phases of digital transformation
Business enterprises are taking advantage of the proliferation of digital technologies to define new business models, says Geng Lin, Chief Technology Officer, F5 Networks
Turning to Smart Technologies to Keep Mission Critical Equipment Running - No Matter What
Modern software technology is essential for keeping today’s highly complex mission-critical assets performing up to standards, says Jonathan Wood, General Manager, Middle East and Africa, Infor
How decentralized solar solutions are powering global green economy transition
Access to and the productive use of solar energy are a great enabler for many communities especially in rural, off-grid areas where there is no feasible alternative to solar, across the globe

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