battery storage

Lead battery-powered energy storage highlighted by research consortium’s online map
Through a range of case studies, the map details how lead battery storage is supporting utility and renewable energy systems
Utilities see bigger picture with big batteries
Due to their decreasing costs, lithium-ion batteries dominate a range of applications including electric vehicles, computers and consumer electronics
Abu Dhabi launches world's largest virtual battery plant
The 108MW battery plant marks a remarkable transition for the emirate to ensure efficient and optimum use of energy and integration of solar
Energy Storage: A transformation gaining pace
Batteries will play a central role in the push to enhance energy security, by paving the way for exponential growth in the Middle East’s low-carbon and renewable energy plans, says Mirko Molinari, Global Co Comment: Energy Storage: A transformation gains pace mmercial and Marketing Executive, GE Power
Knowledge Partner: Gas + batteries: Driving efficiencies together
Beyond ‘storage’ and adjusting erratic wind and solar output, battery solutions can enhance overall grid efficiency, thereby expanding the capabilities of the electricity value network

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