Vision to build eight solar power plants in KSA

Projects part of wider programme to introduce CPV technology in KSA.

Solar power is increasingly valued as an energy source in the KSA.
Solar power is increasingly valued as an energy source in the KSA.

A Construction Products Holding Company (CPC) subsidiary is to build eight solar power plants across various parts of Saudi Arabia.

Vision Electrical Mechanical Co, otherwise known as Vision, has partnered with Californian-based developer SolFocus for the projects - the first of which will be a 130kW solar plant constructed in Bahra.

Located in CPC’s Bahra industrial complex, it will be the Arab region’s largest solar plant using CPV technology.

As part of a wider programme to introduce SolFocus’ concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology in the Kingdom, the Bahra power plant will be the first stage in executing Saudi Arabia’s plans for energy diversification.

Vision’s CEO Hassan Chahine, said: "The Bahra plant will serve as a model for further research and study to develop peak efficiency under the weather conditions of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region, so as to exploit it in further projects, especially in Industrial Parks.

"Vision and SolFocus will install eight solar power stations in various projects in Saudi Arabia, as well as in the research centers of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), and in the new technology cities.”

Vision itself was formed last August with a capital of SR563m to develop, manufacture and operate solar power plants in Saudi Arabia.

In a Memorandum of Understanding signed with SolFocus, the latter company will be responsible for marketing and installing solar power systems to generate electricity.

“We accomplished this partnership in line with Saudi Arabia's efforts to promote investment in renewable energy projects and serve power projects in the Arabian Gulf and the wider Arabian region," said CPC spokesman and the director of business development Faysal Alaquil.

"Vision aims to be a leading national company exploiting solar power in Saudi Arabia where there is sun exposure for most part of the year, and will efficiently provide an alternative source of clean power to build up sustainable water and power capacity and preserve oil for future generations."


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